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Game Fishing India is arguably India's finest and most professional big game angling charter operator.

Our Team has diverse global angling experience giving you the best angling holiday and the experience of a lifetime!!


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Game fishing india

Our Aim is to provide you with the best Game and Sport charters available anywhere. Our environmentally friendly catch and release techniques ensure we hand over to the next generation one of the most addicting of sporting pastimes. We fish some of the most remote pristine reefs, drop offs, pinnacles and islands to be found anywhere in the world.

Today what we have on offer is truly the one of the last bastions in sport fishing a place where no commercial fishing is allowed. We fish the Andaman Islands groups of Ritchie's Archipelago and the South Andaman Islands.

We are a Company run by Anglers (Meet the Team) and pride ourselves on the diversity of fishing options we offer, so whichever form of blue water fishing you are interested in, we have an adventure that's sure to impress. We offer a range of charters based around our 30ft & 37ft boats to fish the untouched reefs of the Andaman Islands, for long inaccessible and untouched this Island group is the last frontier for true big game sport fishing. Situated in the Bay of Bengal these tropical islands of rainforest, mangroves and deep drop offs in the Andaman Basin make an ideal location for any form of saltwater angling. If you want some immediate information on any of our charters, Click Here to email us for details on our trips.

We support Catch & Release